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We often get asked about the best way to look after gel nails, so we have put together this after care information on how to keep your gel nails in good condition.  Looking after your nails starts from the moment you leave the salon!

Gel polish systems have become increasingly popular because of their quick drying time and chip free shine, as well as the array of colours that are available. Formulated to harden (cure) under LED light, each coat of gel polish strengthens the layers of polish over your natural nail, with the final top coat giving your nails that amazing shine. 


It is important that you understand how to care for your gel nails, as many dad-to-day activities, habits, work or chores around the house can affect your nails:

  • Use cuticle oil daily. Dab a little onto each nail and massage into the nail and surrounding skin. Nails need to stay moisturised and hydrated, which in return will help prevent chipping and cracking from occurring.

  • Never use your nails as tools (including typing), instead use the pads of your fingers. 

  • Don’t pick the product off as this can cause damage to your nail. 

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals without protection. Always wear gloves.  

  • Always use rubber gloves when doing household chores and gardening.

  • Keep your nails at a reasonable length to reduce the chance of breaking.

  • Chlorine may cause lifting of gel polish. It is best to wait 24 hours after application before you go swimming.

  • Your gel nails can stain the same as your natural nails can. As gel is a porous product, things such as dye from your jeans, tanning lotions, smoking, applying make up, hair dye or anything where colour can run, can stain your gel polish.  To prevent this, apply a high quality traditional clear top coat, which you can remove and reapply as required. When using such products, try to avoid getting the product on your nails and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

  • Never use metal nail files, these are too harsh and may cause damage to your nails.

  • Return for regular, professional manicures at least every 2 -3 weeks for maintenance.

  • If within 5 days of your appointment you are unhappy with the quality of the service you received, we welcome you to return for any necessary repairs.  This is restricted to 5 days as we have no control over how you look after your nails once you have left the salon.  We do offer a 100% money back guarantee with the exclusion of nail biters.   

And remember, looking after your nails starts from the moment you leave the salon!

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