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  1. Pure Acetone

  2. Cotton Pads or Cotton Balls

  3. Tin Foil

  4. An Orange Wood Stick or Cuticle Pusher

  5. Nail File (180 Grit)

  6. Emery Board

  7. Nail Buffer

  8. Nail Brush

  9. Cuticle Oil

  10. Set yourself up a workstation i.e. TV Table, Towel etc.

  11. Set aside some time to yourself to do this - it is a lengthy process, so make sure you don't have any distractions


  1. Buff the top coat shine off with the nail file.  This is important to do as the acetone will not soak off otherwise.

  2. For acrylic or strengthening gel wearers, you will need to file off the colour as well.

  3. Take your cotton pad, cut it in to quarters, soak 1 in acetone and place on the nail you have just buffed.

  4. Now wrap the nail in tin foil ensuring the acetone soaked cotton pad is on top of the nail.

  5. Repeat the above for all 10 nails.

  6. Wait 10 - 15 minutes. Wrap your hands in some mittens if you have them, for extra warmth and to speed up the process.

  7. Remove wraps. Take your orange wood stick or cuticle pusher and gently start scraping as much product away from your nail as possible.

  8. Buff your nail to smooth it out, and brush away the dust to see how much product is left to remove.

  9. Repeat the whole process again and keep going until all the product has been removed from your nails.

  10. When done, file shape your nails to desired length and shape. 


To prevent your skin drying out around your nails, from excessive acetone use, apply a tiny amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to your nails 2 - 3 times per day. This will also prevent your nails from splitting.

BE PATIENT! It is important to be gentle and not to force the product off, as this will cause damage to the nail! You don't want that! Try doing one hand at a time if it's easier for you.

CALL THE SALON if you need some advice, we are only a phone call away and are always will to help!

EXTENSIONS are a 'soak off product' which we recommend returning to the salon for removal. We would also recommend an IBX treatment on your nails to make sure your natural nails are in good health, and to prevent any damage from occurring.  If you are unable to get back to the salon to have them removed, please following the above DIY removal process. 

NEVER pick or pop your extensions off, as this will cause severe damage, and it can be very painful.

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