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  • If there is a small chip in your nail, file it straight away. This will avoid peeling and tearing of your nails.

  • Make a point to wear gloves, especially while in water or scrubbing.

  • Keep your nails away from moisture as they can turn into breeding grounds for infections and can make your gel polish lift.

  • If your nails flex (usually due to soaking in water) this could cause cracking of your gel polish.

  • Use the sides of your fingers (NOT your nails) to pick small items up such as coins!

  • Invest in a good cuticle oil, this will keep the nails from drying and becoming brittle.

  • When flushing a toilet or pressing down on a button – Use your knuckle of your finger rather then risking your nail being caught and bending backwards.

  • When it comes to removing your extensions or gel polish, unless you are absolutely sure of yourself, get a professional to remove them for you.

  • When thinking about extensions think about your lifestyle, extensions require regular maintenance.

  • If your lifestyle and/or profession won’t allow, don’t invest in extensions.

  • Keep your extensions 2-4 mm long for the most natural look and to avoid lifting at the back of your extension.

  • As your real nails grow there will appear a gap behind your extension. You are due to have them back filled usually fortnightly.

  • Extensions are rather delicate. Subjecting them to the harshness of opening soda cans, bottles etc could result in them breaking. You should use a knife or key to open it to avoid breaking or bending your nail backward. Ouch!

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