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Nail Beauty Hack – No More Splits & Cracked Nails!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Nails get weak and brittle, then split, because they dry out. Exposure to household chemicals and detergents tend to dry out the nails, and some nail dryness is simply a product of ageing.

Our nails become more brittle and thinner, and they split more easily as we get older. Here is the trick! What you can do to strengthen brittle nails. This is what Women Doctors Do!

Moisturise to the MAX!


You can apply Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).


Apply a thick, water-washable cream that acts as an emollient as it holds in moisture around and under your nails.

A fan of petroleum jelly is skin-care specialist Lia Schorr from New York City. She advises to put a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your hands when getting ready for bed, then wear cotton gloves overnight. This can be especially helpful in winter, when hands and nails dry out quickly.


It is said, that petroleum jelly is the best thing in the world for dry hands and nails. Rub it lightly on your nails at least four or five times a day. Keep several jars on hand – one by the television, one by the phone, and one by your bed night table.  Rub on your nails throughout the day.

“Dr Marianne O’Donoghue credits this humble product with keeping her nails in great shape.

If your nails are chronically brittle and you don’t know what’s causing the problem, see a dermatologist for help.  Be sure to tell them about any medications that you’re currently taking or other symptoms that you’re experiencing, says Dr Phoebe Rich.  You may get tested for anaemia, another possible cause of brittle nails in women.

Vaseline is a fantastic treatment, women love the way it makes their nails look.


Soak ‘em in olive oil too!  Dr Schorr recommends an oil treatment for dry nails.    It is best to use half a teacup of warm olive oil and soak your hands for 15 to 30 mins. 

Olive oil is the best because it’s natural.


Dr Abel advises women with brittle nails to soak their hands in diluted bath oil for 5 mins once a day.  Break them into warm water and then apply a moisturiser or a cream with alpha hydroxyl in it.  The alpha hydroxyl is basically a moisturiser that helps hydrate your hands and nails.

Note regular acetone removals can cause dryness to the nail.    If you do have regular manicures, to counterbalance, it is imperative to moisturise moisturise and moisturise.

Keeping your nails short to minimise brittle nails is yet another way to minimise problems if you suffer with brittle nails.  File or trim after bathing when they are damp and soft as they will cut more easily, minimising the chance of damage or splitting.

“I wish you every success with your healthy nail journey!”

Credit to the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books,  Women Doctors reveal over 2,000 self-help tips on the health problems that concern women the most.

Editor – Sharon Faelten

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Samantha Russell
Samantha Russell
Sep 30, 2020

Good article. Who thought gasoline is good for nails too.

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