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What is SNS?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Signature Nail System or SNS for short, claim that their product is a natural nail system and are better for your nails.

SNS is a lower quality form of acrylic with colour pigments added in. This is how they achieve the colour.  You apply a coat resin glue, and then it is is dipped in powder.  

FACT -  SNS is acrylic. Any sort of dipping is an acrylic, which people do not realise and it is in fact a lower quality product.

SNS is harder to remove. The bonds of the product are a lot tighter which makes it harder to remove. When a Nail Tech, or even yourself, are trying to remove SNS off your nails, more drilling needs to occur.  More than normal.  Filing can be excessive, and drills over filing to get the product off can cause damage to the natural nail.

SNS are also claiming this system is healthier for your nails, with added Vitamin E and Calcium fortifying their gels, promoting naturally healthy and strong nails. It is impossible for these ingredients to be absorbed into your body.  SNS only sits on the top of the natural nail, as we are not digesting or absorbing the product, therefore it simply can not give you healthier nails.  If we were absorbing the product, then yes, your body would reap the vitamin and mineral benefits. 

This is simply their way of promoting this product, by saying that it is better for your nails.  A sales gimmick - that is all it is!

To summarise, there is no better or healthier product for your nails. Any product you put on your nails should never damage them.  Also, your nails don’t breathe as they are dead keratin, just like your hair! No one is going to stop dying their hair now though are they!?

"Take a break from wearing nail enhancements, it is good to let your nails have a breather, and rest for a while." This statement is a myth. 

FACT - wearing product on your nails is a protection to the natural nail. However, it is your choice if you wish to have a break from wearing nail enhancements whether it is gel polish, acrylic or hard gel nails, dipping powder etc.  It’s completely a personal preference.   

The things that can damage your nails are:

  • When you use low quality products or non trusted brands;

  • When you don’t know what the ingredients are;

  • Do you know the credentials of your current Nail Technician?;

  • How is your product being removed? Is the Nail Technician being too rough on your natural nails? Are you in pain during this process?;

  • Have you been picking off the product from your nails? This is extremely damaging to them. Anything that a Nail Technician will put on our nails is adhered to the nail, so if you pick it off you are taking a layer of your nail with it. Don't do it!

Drills | Good Practices

If you go somewhere that 'Efile Education' endorsed, this is absolutely a problem - run!  There are places out there with low education standards so you need to be very cautious. If you are not in the right hands, these 'Efiles' can be dangerous.  No Nail Technician should be excessively drilling the natural nail.   If it burns you, they are filing to excessively with a lot of pressure.  It should be a feather light feeling and you should definitely not be in pain!

When a Nail Technician is applying product to the nails, all they need to do for prep is remove the shine from the nail.  They should not be drilling down on your nail excessively as it not needed.

If the Nail Technician is trained in 'Efiles', they will know what head to use, and will discuss the procedure with you, and where it can and can’t be used.

Drills are excellent to remove product from an acrylic, remove gel polish, and to assist getting closer to the natural nail around the cuticle area. This will ensure a complete removal, and create a perfect canvas for product re-application.  Again, so long as it is being used by a qualified technician.  

You just need to do your research on where you are going to have your nails serviced.

There are a lot of untrue myths out there.  If in doubt, seek advice from a fully trained nail technician.

Damaged nails can be repaired in time. 

If prices are too cheap, cheap is not always best and you will likely get what your money has paid for. Go for accreditation, good quality, and reputable technicians, it will save you a whole lot of trouble.

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